Benefits of joining a book club

Theresa Beatty’s Divas Book Club has been meeting for some years now, and its members have discovered the joy of being involved in a book club. Through the forum, the members have gotten to know each other’s interests beyond reading, which has provided an avenue for shared activities.

Theresa Beatty
Theresa Beatty

What are the benefits of being part of a book club?

Sense of community

Being a part of the club allows members the opportunity to bond with other people and learn from each other’s experiences. The varied experiences change members’ perspectives on life issues. Also, the book club is a way to engage in something members like, with the productive discussions going a long way to easing any stress from outside life.

Intellectual growth

To many members, a book club is an avenue to learn more about the world. People tend to become so busy they may forget to improve their personal intellect. The club helps members learn about new works, cultures, and lifestyles so that each member gains an enhanced understanding of the world.

Break from routine

The book club is a getaway from a normal routine. Meeting new people and enjoying new material pulls you from the world when things get tough. The book club becomes your little escape where nothing else matters except the people and literature in front of you.


As a member of a book club, you get to interact and build friendships with like-minded people. The club offers a forum to build lasting friendships.

Theresa Beatty is a member of the Divas Book Club, which she sees as an excellent avenue to share her passion in reading with other knowledgeable and articulate women.